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Of Polar Bears and Imps: An unpublished folio of notes compiled by Tom Anderton.


3rd Division - Major-General L. G. Whistler

8th Bde.

  • 1st Suffolk Regt.
  • 2nd East Yorkshire Regt.
  • 1st South Lancashire Regt.

9th Bde.

  • 2nd Lincolnshire Regt.
  • 1st King's Own Scottish Borderers
  • 2nd Royal Ulster Rifles

185th Bde.

  • 2nd Royal Warwickshire Regt.
  • 1st Royal Norfolk Regt.
  • 2nd King's Shropshire Light Infantry

Divisional Troops

  • R.A.C. - 3rd Recce. Regt.
  • R.A. - 7th, 33rd and 76th Field, 20th A/Tk. and 92nd L.A.A. Regts.
  • R.E. - 3rd Divisional Engineers
  • R. Signals - 3rd Divisional Signals
  • Machine Gun - 2nd Middlesex Regt.

43rd (Wessex) Division - Major-General G.I.Thomas

129th Bde.

  • 4th Somerset Light Infantry
  • 4th and 5th Wiltshire Regt.

130th Bde.

  • 7th Hampshire Regt.
  • 4th and 5th Dorsetshire Regt.

214th Bde.

  • 7th Somerset Light Infantry
  • 1st Worcestershire Regt.
  • 5th Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry

Divisional Troops

  • R.A.C. - 43rd Recce. Regt.
  • R.A. - 94th, 112th and 179th Field, 59th A/Tk. and 110th L.A.A. Regts.
  • R.E. - 43rd Divisional Engineers
  • R. Signals - 43rd Divisional Signals Machine Gun - 8th Middlesex Regt.

15th (Scottish) Division - Major-General C. M. Barber

44th (Lowland) Bde.

  • 8th Royal Scots
  • 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers
  • 6th King's Own Scottish Borderers

46th (Highland) Bde.

  • 9th Cameronians
  • 2nd Glasgow Highlanders
  • 7th Seaforth Highlanders

227th (Highland) Bde.

  • 10th Highland Light Infantry
  • 2nd Gordon Highlanders
  • 2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Divisional Troops

  • R.A.C. - 15th Recce. Regt.
  • R.A. - 131st, 181st and 190th Field, 97th and 102nd (ex-50th Division) A/Tk. and 119th L.A.A. Regts.
  • R.E. - 15th Divisional Engineers
  • R. Signals - 15th Divisional Signals - Machine Gun - 1st Middlesex Regt.

50th (Northumbrian) Division - Major-General L. O. Lyne (to 21.11.44), Major-General D. A. H. Graham (from 27.11.44)

69th Bde.

  • 5th East Yorkshire Regt.
  • 6th and 7th Green Howards

151st Bde.

  • 6th, 8th and 9th Durham Light Infantry

231st Bde.

  • 2nd Devonshire Regt.
  • 1st Hampshire Regt.
  • 1st Dorsetshire Regt.

Divisional Troops

  • R.A.C. - 61st Recce. Regt.
  • R.A. - 74th, 90th and 124th Field, 102nd A/Tk. and 25th L.A.A. Regts.
  • R.E. - 50th Divisional Engineers R. Signals - 50th Divisional Signals Machine Gun - 2nd Cheshire Regt.

51st (Highland) Division — Major General T. G. Rennie

152nd Bde.

  • 2nd and 5th Seaforth Highlanders
  • 5th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders

153rd Bde.

  • 5th Black Watch
  • 1st and 5th/7th Gordon Highlanders

154th Bde.

  • 1st and 7th Black Watch
  • 7th Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

Divisional Troops

  • R.A.C. - 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry
  • R.A. - 126th, 127th and 128th Field, 61st A/Tk. and 40th L.A.A. Regts.
  • R.E. - 51st Divisional Engineers
  • R. Signals - 51st Divisional Signals Machine Gun - l/7th Middlesex Regt.

52nd (Lowland) Division - Major-General E. Hakewill-Smith

155th Bde.

  • 7th/9th Royal Scots
  • 4th King's Own Scottish Borderers
  • 6th Highland Light Infantry

156th Bde.

  • 4th/5th Royal Scots Fusiliers
  • 6th Cameronians
  • 1st Glasgow Highlanders

157th Bde.

  • 5th King's Own Scottish Borderers
  • 7th Cameronians
  • 5th Highland Light Infantry

Divisional Troops

  • R.A.C. - 52nd Recce. Regt.
  • R.A. - 79th, 80th and 186th Field, 1st Mountain, 54th A/Tk. and 108th L.A.A. Regts.
  • R.E. - 52nd Divisional Engineers R. Signals - 52nd Divisional Signals Machine Gun - 7th Manchester Regt.

53rd (Welsh) Division - Major-General R. K. Ross

71st Bde.

  • 1st Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
  • 1st Highland Light Infantry
  • 4th Royal Welch Fusiliers

158th Bde.

  • 1st East Lancashire Regt.
  • 7th Royal Welch Fusiliers
  • l/5th Welch Regt.

160th Bde.

  • 6th Royal Welch Fusiliers
  • 2nd Monmouthshire Regt.
  • 4th Welch Regt.

Divisional Troops

  • R.A.C. - 53rd Recce. Regt.
  • R.A. - 81st, 83rd and 133rd Field, 71st A/Tk. and 25th L.A.A. Regts.
  • R.E. - 53rd Divisional Engineers
  • R. Signals - 53rd Divisional Signals Machine Gun - 1st Manchester Reet.


82nd Airborne Division - Major-Gen James M. Gavin

101st Airborne Division - Major-Gen Maxwell D. Taylor

104ih Infantry Division - Major-Gen Terry Allen


1st Belgian Bde.

  • I, II and III Belgian Bns.

Royal Netherlands Bde. (Princess Irene's)

  • Composite force of infantry, artillery and reconnaissance sub-units

Czechoslovakian Armoured Bde.

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Czechoslovakian Armoured Regts.
  • The Czechoslovakian Field Arillery Regt.
  • The Czechoslovakian Motor Bn.


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The Lincoln Imp Polar Bear, 49th Division, Divisional Flash

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