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Harry Tarlington Walker

Text and photographs included by kind permission of Mrs Angela Walters.

Walker was a Captain in the South Staffordshire Regiment, but the rank of Major was denied him for some reason. My oldest only surviving cousin (born 1928) wrote: "I remember Tarlie {his nickname} once told a friend and myself a long story about how he should have been made a major but his rank was captain. Being young we weren't very interested." Sadly, I am to the contrary, and loved family history and have spent decades collecting what I can and writing up a family history which is becoming something of an "epic", called so by our older son Guy who is a published writer and WW2 historian. See his website. Sometimes, I have found after years of research, one can only achieve an abstract of the fuller life of a person. Always better an abstract than the destruction totally of one serving officer in the family. His image, Great War diaries and love letters were all burnt by this oldest cousin who thought them "too personal" having read them herself and destroyed a tremendous lot of {her father's, mother's, only brother's} photographs and papers. She regrets her deed terribly. All that survives of the serving officer {her mother's first husband} are his medals, the scroll telling of his death in the last days of the Great War and the CWG's records where he lies.

In the group photograph, Walker is standing far right, back row. My aunt is not in this photograph and I have no idea what year, where etc. The officer seated centre appears to be from the RAF. Some of the men have cigarettes in their fingers. The painting behind them is St.Vitus Cathedral, Castle Hill, Prague. The cathedral escaped much WW2 damage. Could this be a group in a club/embassy/association connected to Prague, the Czechs perhaps?

My youngest aunt, the late Mrs. Winifred Mary Jones, née Nutt (b. Hull, 18.10.1903 - d. Sherborne, 14.5.1996) married Harry Walker in St. Andrew's Church, Shottery, near Stratford-upon-Avon on the 9th of December, 1941; she was 35, he was 55. His father Henry John Walker was a schoolmaster/headmaster and his mother a headmistress of a church school in the midlands. Harry Walker lived in Stratford-upon-Avon from 1941-1950 and worked in the Ministry of Labour. He retired to Talybont, Cardiganshire, Wales.

He may have been married before and had a son Anthony who was in the South Staffordshires too. There were no children with my aunt and Walker. She had no children with her second marriage either. Harry had a brother called Oscar.