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Meaning of the Standard

(Article submitted by Mr Wally Hibbard)

Editor's Note: This appears to refer to the Standards of the Royal British Legion, however, we would do well to revere and care for all our National Standards and Regimental Colours with this same respectful attitude.

It begins with a declaration to be made immediately after a standard has been dedicated, as follows:

  • "I would remind you that these Standards are no mere flags of silk or bunting, but rather sacred emblems which have been solemnly dedicated in ample form.
  • Beneath their folds all poor and distressed brothers-in-arms may seek solace and relief from their afflictions.
  • Our Standards are all of like design as emlems of brotherhood and equality.
  • Many of these Standards have laid in the sacred dust of the Battlefields of the Empire.
  • So remembering these things and the high ideals for which they stand, disgrace them not."

Then comes this explanation to the emblematic significance of the Legion Standards:

  • "Your Standards represent the ideal of Service to GOD, QUEEN and COUNTRY. The Spirehead should remind us of the pillar of flames, or the finger pointing to Heaven, which is generally depicted in our churches by their spires. The Union Flag bears the crosses of St. George, St. Andrew and St. Patrick. ST. GEORGE is the Patron Saint of Fighting Men. ST. ANDREW was a disciple of Christ. ST. PATRICK was the first Christian Missionary to this Country. Beneath these crosses all the great epics of Chivalry in our history have been achieved. Added to these crosses the Blue and Old Gold of the Royal British Legion. The BLUE is to remind us of the gallant souls who have passed on beneath the deep water and in the air. The GOLD represents those shining warriors, who, sanctified by service, have passed unsullied to the Throne of Grace. The TASSELS remind us of the beginning and ending of life, and the CORD, the goldenline along which all good Legionaires should pass during the brief sojourn on earth. The golden FRINGE or frame binds us all together in one great brotherhood."
  • "Thus you have represented on your Standards your Service to God, your Queen and your Country."
  • "I exort you therefore, to remember that your Standards are Sacred Emblems. Keep them clean and cared for, as a sign that you appreciate the meaning of this Charge."

1st Battalion Colours       The old RBL HQ, Lincoln (photographed in 2007)