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Recruitment in the 1940s

The following is a transcript of the original document. Click here to see a copy of the original.


"If you wish to lead an honourable, useful, active and happy life With excellent prospects of promotion, I invite you to join your County Regiment, the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment. The Infantry is the back- bone of the Army and the Royal Lincolns have a record and traditions which are second to none.

You may apply to join the Regiment if you are between 17 and 30 years of age, provided you are fit and healthy. If you have been in the Army previously, you may be able to deduct your former full time service from your present age in order to bring you within the age limit for enlistment.

Terms of Service. The Army offers you a secure career with a pension after 22 years service. You may either enlist for 22 years with the right to terminate your service after each period of three years, provided you give six months notice; or you may enlist for three years with the Colours and four years on the Reserve.

Pay. The amount of pay a soldier receives depends on how long he undertakes to serve. The minimum rate of pay on enlistment for men who undertake to serve:-

A skilled soldier will get considerably more.

The Regimental Band. Boys between 15 and 17 years of age, who pass the necessary intelligence tests, may now enlist for service with the Regimental Band for a period of 6 years with the Colours and 3 years on the Reserve. Pay for boys is from 1.1s.6d per week, plus free food and clothing. Bandsmen may enlist up to the age of 33.

- - - -

The Army Recruiting Staff have a tent in this Depot today. They will be pleased to answer questions from Parents, Men and Boys.

Please go and see them before you leave and ask for any further information you would like. They will give you, on request, a free booklet."