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Memorial to the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment: Lincoln

This Appeal closed when the new Regimental Memorial was unveiled in Lincoln on 6th October 2012.
This page of information remains here for any who are interested.

Lincolnshire Regiment MemorialLincolnshire Regiment Memorial

These two photographs of the finished memorial were supplied by Colonel Geoffrey Newmarch (Ret'd).

You can see photographs of the unveiling here.

The Lincolnshire Regiment

Memorial Appeal

The Royal Anglian and Royal Lincolnshire Regiment Association, are the living survivors of the Lincolnshire Regiment and are endeavouring to mark the strong connection between the people of Lincolnshire and the Regiment by erecting a fitting and lasting memorial, as a permanent tribute both to the regiment and to the thousands of men who served and fought under its banner. The memorial will stand on a former part of what used to be the barracks and which had been the home to soldiers of the Regiment since 1878. Sadly this was demolished in 2007 and now forms part of Sobraon Park. The comrades of the Association are planning an unveiling ceremony with parade and a barracks open day on Saturday 6th October 2012.

Originally raised in 1685, its current descendants, the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment are justifiably proud of their ancestors 275 years loyal and valuable service to 14 Kings and Queens, and the 131 battle honours and 10 Victoria Crosses, they earned along the way.

Multitudes of families within Lincolnshire and all over the world have had sons, brothers, uncles, fathers, grandfathers and many unknown and undiscovered ancestors enlist in the regiment, and whose lives were affected, and in thousands of instances were laid down and sacrificed, for the benefit of others through their heroic actions.

A memorial to their memory will cost in the region of £25.000. A lot of money, especially in a time of severe economic recession, However, please bear in mind that this equates to roughly 5p for every soldier who served both their county and country well.

Our appeal therefore is both simple and realistic. If you know of any of your friends, relatives or ancestors who wore the famous Sphinx cap badge, and were proud to be a "Poacher" then we ask for your support and donation, however small, pledge £1 or more to our cause and let us altogether show that



Col (Retd) Chairman Memorial Committee

How to Donate

Through internet banking or by asking your bank to transfer funds for you.

You will need a note of the Memorial Account details.

Account No:- 12844052

Sort Code:- 40-28-20

Bank:- HSBC

By personal cheque

Please make cheques Payable to:- "The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment Memorial Appeal", and post them to:

The Royal Lincolnshire Memorial Appeal
c/o B Company 3 Royal Anglian Regiment
Sobraon Barracks
Burton Road

"The Last Decade"

We have retyped & reprinted this book and it is for sale to raise funds for the Memorial Appeal. The cost is £7 each, which includes Package & Postage. To order, please write to:
Mr Ian Simpson
7 Redwing Close
LN6 5SH.
With your order, please clearly state how many books you wish to buy, as well as the address that we should post them to - and please do not forget to include your cheque. Please make cheques payable to The Royal Lincolnshire Memorial Appeal. Proceeds are going to the memorial fund.

11th January 2012

On 11th January 2012, the City of Lincoln Council Planning Committee granted planning permission for a new war memorial in Lincoln to honour the county regiment. The 3 metre tall, 6 metre wide, double-sided monument will commemorate the Lincolnshire Regiment (1880 - 1946) and the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment (1946 - 1960). It will be built in Sobraon Park, in Cambrai Close, off Burton Road, Lincoln. The proposal was submitted by the Royal Anglian and Royal Lincolnshire Regimental Association. It will be the first regiment-specific monument in the country. The aim is to create a fitting tribute to all who have served, while creating an educational resource for the future.

Memorial Plans

A site has been identified to the west of the park on a paved area which includes two existing plaques engraved with the former barrack block names. Two existing plaques from the old barracks, will be re-used in the red-brick memorial ('Steinkirk' and 'Maitland'). On the reverse will be the names of Victoria Cross recipients and regimental personalities recommended by branches of the association. During the First World War, the 19 battalions of the Lincolnshire Regiment gained 58 battle honours including the Somme and Passchendaele – and won three Victoria Crosses - but the price paid was an estimated 8,800 casualties. The regiment also served with distinction overseas in the Second World War and in Malaya in the 1950s.

On 6th October 2012, the new memorial to honour the soldiers of the Royal Lincolnshire Regiment was unveiled.

Photographs of the Regimental Memorial.