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Family Photographs - Maurice Kendall

Dear Sir,
I attach a couple of photographs relating to the Lincolnshire Regiment which may be of interest to you. I rescued them following the death of my grandmother some years ago, my aunt was having a clear out and throwing old photographs on the fire.
The group photograph shows my late uncle, George Matthew Kendall, Born in Grimsby 22.10.1915. He is 4th from right on centre row.
The other photo I presume is the interior of Maitland Barracks. I have no idea of the date or location. George emigrated to India after WW2 and subsequently to Australia in the mid 1950's where he resided until his death in 2000.
From what I recall from my late father, George was a regular soldier in The Lincolnshire Regiment, enlisting a few years prior to WW2.
You are welcome to reproduce these photographs for you archives or other purposes you so desire. I have a couple of photographs of other members of my family who served in The Lincolnshire Regiment during WW1 which I will email should you be interested.
Kindest regards,
Maurice Kendall
5th August 2011

(click on a picture to zoom)

George Matthew Kendall, Lincolnshire Regiment

George Matthew Kendall, born in Grimsby 22 Oct 1915
4th from right, centre row.

Lincolnshire Regiment

? Interior of Maitland Barracks ?

Please find attached a photograph of my late great uncle Alfred Kendall, born 1887 Immingham, Lincolnshire. Also in the photograph is his wife Ann Maria Kendall, nee Howard.
Alfred was a sergeant in the Territorials which he joined in Grimsby in 1909. He served in Ireland to assist in the quelling of the Rebellion in 1916 and to France in February, 1917 where he attained the rank of Company Sergeant Major. He was badly wounded in the right leg on 19th October 1918 and died 2 days later of his wounds.
He is buried in Awoingt British Cemetery in Northern France, I visited his grave in November 2008. At the time of his death, he was listed as being with the 7th Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment.
I haven't done any in depth research into his military service, but hope to do so at a later date.
I have 2 Regimental numbers for him, 686 and 240030
Kind regards,
Maurice Kendall
17th August 2011

(click on a picture to zoom)

CSM Alfred Kendall, 7th Battalion with Ann Maria Kendall

240030 CSM Alfred Kendall
with Ann Maria Kendall.

Grave of Alfred Kendall

The Grave of Alfred Kendall
Awoingt British Cemetery, Nord, France

Alfred Kendall's medals 19 April 2013

CSM 240030 Alfred Kendall

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a medal dealer in Ontario, Canada stating he may be in possession of my great uncles WW1 medals. He had found my details via your website. For sentimental reasons I purchased the medals in order to get them back into my family. The medals have Alfred's details engraved on the edge of each one. I would just like to state the importance of sites such as The Royal Anglian and Lincolnshire Regimental Association, without whom I would never have the opportunity to own the said medals. So a big thank you. I attach a photograph of the medals plus a cap badge that accompanied them. Perhaps someone could advise me if the cap badge is of the type that would have been worn by Alfred at the time of his death in October, 1918, as there is nothing to state it was the actual one issued to him.
Kind regards,
Maurice Kendall. [ email ]

Editor's Note:

Ann Maria Kendall (nee Howard) came from Grimsby, LIncolnshire.

Alfred was the son of Samuel and Mary Kendall (of Laceby). The 1901 Census shows Alfred Kendall (aged 14) living at Cottagers Plot, with his parents. Alfred and his father were working as agricultural labourers then.

Alfred Kendall is commemorated on:
Laceby War Memorial and
Laceby Cottager's Plot Wesleyan Chapel War Memorial. In 1919 she married Alfred's widower brother Frank in England, then returned to Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada where he was already living.

16 November 2012
I also attach another photograph with the name Jack Lacey on the back, I believe he was from the Grimsby area and related through marriage to Alfred Kendall. I don't seem to be able to trace him through my sources. Perhaps your contributors may be able to assist.
Kind regards,
Maurice Kendall. [ email ]

Jack Lacey

6 August 2014
Just to make things more interesting, following a story I had printed in the Grimsby Telegraph to mark to centenary of the outbreak of WW1, I was contacted by a niece of Ann Maria, who is an incredible lady aged 105 years old and living in Cleethorpes. Following that contact I have discovered and been in contact with a daughter of Ann Maria, (my 2nd cousin) who is 94 years old and living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada plus several more living relatives of whom I had no previous knowledge. Fascinating stuff this family history.
Kind regards,

The Webmaster of is always pleased to hear from anyone who has information or photographs that we could publish on our website (must have strong connections to the Lincolnshire Regiment or the Royal Anglian Regiment please). You can contact him via our [ Contacts ] page.