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14989850 Pte John G Smith

17 September 2012

"Seeing John Searby's photographs taken Sumatra I thought that my photos taken in Sumatra may be of interest.

At the time I was number 14989850 Pte John Smith, 'D' Coy. Eleven platoon 1st Battalion, The Lincolnshire Regiment, SEAC. We set sail from Madras India for some where unknown then when we were told Sumatra the next question was where the hell that is. Some one thought that it was part of the Dutch East Indies which did not make me much wiser. Our arrival was interesting but getting back to the photos, the first one is our billet in Padang, I am standing outside the Billet, We moved from there three more times and found ourselves in a service station where a photo of the platoon (11) was taken. Alas I can no longer recall their names.

We was moved into town and a couple of days later flew to Palembang There the Regiment, apart from 'A' Coy, moved into the fort. Where the next couple of snaps was taken, I think that we was all a bit stir crazy, From there we moved to Pladjoe and took up residents in the Dutch oil refinery. The last snaps are of our platoons Billet, it is the tallest shed on the right. Then one taken inside, sorry it is so lousy but that was the best that could be done at the time.

I hope that these Pictures will be of some use in helping towards the recording of the Regiment's history, and if you would like me to record my experience in Sumatra with eleven Platoon please let me know and I shell do my best.

The reason that I have been searching for a site with information on the 1st Battalion is that I am trying to find out what happened to the Company that was formed in Malaya to represent the 1st Battalion after the rest was disbanded. I was in that Company and we were told that we were going to Germany and be attached to another Regiment, our kit bags were marked B A O R, then I was taken sick and hospitalized and by the time I was discharged the Company had sailed. Can anyone help me to find out what did happen to them?

Hoping to hear soon,
John G Smith"

Sumatra 1945 - 1946

14989850 Pte John G Smith, Sumatra 1945 - 1946 14989850 Pte John G Smith, Sumatra 1945 - 1946 14989850 Pte John G Smith, Sumatra 1945 - 1946 14989850 Pte John G Smith, Sumatra 1945 - 1946 14989850 Pte John G Smith, Sumatra 1945 - 1946 14989850 Pte John G Smith, Sumatra 1945 - 1946