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George Gooderson

Photographs and text kindly supplied by Dr Ian Gooderson.

19 October 2014

I attach some scans which may be of interest to the Regimental Association. The photographs show my Grandfather, George Gooderson, who served with the Lincolns during the First World War - he is identified on the photos as "Ron's Dad" - Ronald Gooderson being my late father (who served in the RN during the Second World War) - they were from the Spalding area.

The group photograph may be from quite early in the war, there appears to be a range of different webbing equipment, and I am not sure that all the cap badges are the same. My grandfather is on the extreme right (with bayonet). The photograph of my grandfather seated with his brother, Jack Gooderson, would seem to be later in the war, as my grandfather was by then a corporal.

I know very little of my grandfather's war service between 1914-18. He survived the war, and died in the 1950s - but it did leave its mark upon him - my father used to tell me that as a boy he could remember that at times the skin would start to peel from his father's legs and he would then be laid up for weeks at a time - a legacy of the trenches. One incident that may perhaps be recorded, for a period my grandfather served with a battalion of the Black Watch (reinforcement draft to replace casualties?) - it being remembered in the family that he had to wear a kilt!

The rather sad card refers - I believe - to a relative of my grandfather's wife - I think possibly her brother.

Bertie Burton Bertie Burton

I hope the attached may be of some interest, and if so please feel free to use as you see fit.

With all good wishes
Ian Gooderson