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Cliff Marshall: Malaya 1955 - 1956

Photographs and text kindly supplied by Cliff Marshall.

18 January 2015

Background:     The 1st Battalion had served in Taiping (Malaya) in 1946, then were sent back to Lincoln. In 1948, whilst in Moascar, Egypt, the 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion were merged. Between 1948 and 1955 they has postings to Aqaba (Jordan), Moascar (Egypt), Quorn Camp (Loughborough), Goslar (Germany), Brooke Barracks (Berlin) and Colchester, before returning to Malaya in August 1955.

In August 1955 the regiment was sent to Nee Soon (Singapore), then on to Kota Tinggi (Johore State, Malaya). In September 1955 they were posted to West Pahang with their HQ at Bentong, B company at Raub, D company at Benta, A company at Sabai, C company at Tekel and Kerdau.

In April 1956 the Lincolnshire Regiment had been moved to Negri Sembilan, with their HQ at Temerloh, and A company at Triang,
then in October 1956: Taiping, Perek;
December 1956: Sungei Siput area;
Feb 58: Johore State;
25 Jul 58: Sailed from Singapore on the ship 'Empire Fowey'

These notes, together with the limited information supplied by Cliff, tell us that he served in Kota Tinggi, Kampung Durian Tipus, Kuala Klawang and Triang in 1955/56.

Update: 10 May 2015

"My full name is John Clifford Marshall known as Cliff, my number was 23127099 and my rank was Lance Corporal.

I joined the army on the 24th March 1955 for 10 weeks training with Sherwood foresters in Derby as I m from Derbyshire.

After this we had a choice of signing for another year with the Foresters going to Germany or joining 1st battalion Royal Lincolns who were under strength going to Malaya.

I decided to join A companies platoon at Colchester in June 1955 before sailing from Liverpool on Empire Clyde to Singapore via the Suez Canal which took about 3 weeks."


Cliff Marshall & Sid Pyatt at Kota Tinggi Cliff Marshall & Sid Pyatt peeling spuds Another A company Team. Left to Right: Cousins, Marshall, King, ?, Pepperdine, Balding. Front Row: ?, ?, Chapman, Hunt, ?, ?, Askill Columbo, Ware, Davis, Marshall, Rudkin, Steel, Lombard, Pyatt

2 April 2018

Whilst revisiting some stored files on my computer I found this [Ed.]:

18 May 2015
"Thanks for putting the photos on the website. There are a few more which did not make it through to you. One is of the empire clyde which took us to Singapore calling at Port Said, Aden and Columbo which took 3 weeks. It was a lovely ship because it had cabins - not troop decks like the Devonshire, I came back on, which took 6 weeks coming back via Capetown due to Nasser sinking ships in the Suez Canal."

"Another photo is my 3 Platoon Commander Lt Rushby and one of Company Commander Major Gilbert on his retirement. There is also one of the football team against Jelebu District which was a cup match with district officers wife, Melody, presenting. The interesting thing about their team was the second player from the right on the back row played left back and apart from ankle supports played in bare feet. If you look closely you can see his left foot."

"I hope this gives you a little more information and I enclose photos."


Lieutentant Rushby Major Gilbert On board the Empire Clyde - on the way to Singapore Pepperdine, Pegg, Pyatt and Marshall The 'Picture House' at Triang Ready for gate checks Returning to Triang after 10 days in the jungle. L to R: Davis, Mumby, Marshall, Carlin, Mann The ship from Liverpool to Singapore