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Mr 'Bunny' Barrett was Boxing Coach to the 1st Ballion's Boxing Team in the late '50s. When Satationed in Taiping he ran the "Three Miles Flat Race" and "One Mile Flat Race" at Perak in 1957, winning them both. He was subsequently selected to represent Perak in the first Merdeka Games at Kuala Lumpur. This was run on grass. He came fourth.

1957: Royal Lincolnshire Regt.  Winners of the Malaya Command Inter-Unit Boxing Championships 1956 & 1957.  Chinwu Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. 1957: Royal Lincolnshire Regt.  Winners of the Malaya Command Inter-Unit Boxing Championships 1956 & 1957.  Chinwu Stadium, Kuala Lumpur. Bunny with some of the Cups he won. Bunny with some of the Cups he won. See text below *. Malaya Command, Inter-Unit Boxing Championships Final 1956-57 (page 1) Malaya Command, Inter-Unit Boxing Championships Final 1956-57 (pages 2 & 3) Malaya Command, Inter-Unit Boxing Championships Final 1956-57 (page 4) Cups Cups Cups 1957 Competitors Badge 'Bunny' Barrett's Athletics Badge 'Bunny' Barrett's Cross Country Running Badge

This text relates to the 4th picture above:

"Cpl Love delighted us all by gaining a win on a tremendous knock-out blow in the first round which atoned in some measure for the bad luck he had had earlier ln the season. We feel that it was a great triumph to win this competition having literally started from scratch.

Boxing out here is now finished until next year and the boxers have gone back to "flog the jungle". For their successes we have in large measure to thank and congratulate Sergt.-lnstructor F. C. Barker, A.P.T.C. who, when he put out the details of the comptetition and tried to collect a team in January, got only eight volunteers. He travelled round companies and eventually rounded up enough to make up a team. He trained them hard and long and the team earned a widespread reputation for fitness. He was untiring in his efforts and his achievement in moulding eleven soldiers into the Bn. team that won the FARELF Championship speaks for itself. He was assisted throughout the season by Cpl. Barrett of the Band who will be remembered by many as an outstanding Cross-Country runner when the Bn. was stationed in the Middle East and Germany.

The detailed results of the Malaya Command Individual Championships and the FARELF Inter Unit Championship are shown below.

  • Bantam: Bdsm. Dawson beat L/Cpl. Dorvinne (K.D.G.).
  • Light Welter: Pte. Allsopp beat Cpl. Jenner (MALCOMD Sigs. Sqn.).
  • Light Middle: Pte. Sparkes. lost to L/Cpl. McNabb (l6 Fd. Amb.).
  • Light Weight: L/Cpl, Dickinson beat Sgt. Bateman (l Fed. Regt.).
  • Light Heavy: L/Cpl. Ballaam beat Tpr. Varcy (22 S.A.S.).
  • Sergt. Barker (Feather) and Pte. May (Welter) withdrew with thumb injuries.
  • 1st R. Lincolns - 7th (Q.O.) Hussars
  • Bantam: Bdsm. Dawson R. beat Tpr. Smyth.
  • Feather: Sgt. Barker T. lost to Tpr. Finney.
  • 1st String Light: L/Cpl. Dickinson J. beat Tpr. Cooper.
  • 2nd String Light: Pte. Cheshire B. lost to Tpr. McManus.
  • lst String Light Welter: Pte. Allsopp W. beat Cpl. Hanlon.
  • 2nd String Light Welter: Pte. Brindley A. lost to L/Cpl. Riley.
  • 2nd String Welter: Cpl. Love A. beat Tpr. Docherty.
  • Light Middle: Pte. Sparkes R. beat Tpr. Cassidy."

10 Nov 2009, Celle, Germany.

Hi Al,
Hope all is OK with you?
I was reading through our Lincoln`s scrap book today, going back to the late 1940`s - could you pass this on to Bunny? The boxing coverage from 1950/51 is good and the following is listed, not bad for nearly 60 years on -

  • Army Egypt Boxing Champions 1950/51
  • 1 R Lincolns` V Egypt Comd Signal regt
  • Poachers win 10 of 11 bouts, Moascar, Egypt
  • Trainer "Blondie" Marks
  • Feather - Wright
  • Bantam - Breeze
  • Middle - Powers
  • Lt Welter - Coleman
  • Lt Middle - Piper
  • Welter - Henson, Gough, Beardsworth, Foster, Cheesman.
  • Poachers V GHQ Middle East Land forces
  • Gibson, Powell, Lt Downes, Rewston, Foster.
  • Poachers V Port Said Garrison, 16.02.1951
  • Minette, Revell, Chadwin, Larkin, McMoran, Harper, Preston, Pickering, Alter, Oliver, Power,
  • Poachers V Royal Sussex
  • Lt Downes (Outstanding Bout), Ptes Gough, Henson, Fosters (KO), Piper, LCpl Breeze, Ptes Gibson, Wright, Cpl Powers, Pte Rewston 9-KO, LCpl Cheesman

I don`t know if Bunny would recognise any of those as his pals, maybe a while before his time. Great boxing team photo of the 50/51 team, all the other info is from newspaper clippings. My aim is to photograph all the Lincolns' property we hold, it may take some time!
Cheers, all the best,