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4965518 L/Sgt William Millhouse

Chelsea Pensioner

Bill Millhouse Royal Hospital Chelsea

On 11 june 2009, the Regimental Museum kindly sent us a photograph and a newspaper story about Sgt Bill Millhouse, Chelsea Pensioner and ex-Lincolnshire Regiment. Unfortunately the contact telephone number for a relative (Doug Millhouse - possibly the son?) of Mr Millhouse, has been re-allocated to someone new. Here is the gist of the newspaper story and a few other details. Unfortunately we have not been able to identify which newspaper this story was printed in, or the date. If anyone can tell us more, please do make contact.

Newspaper Article

Chelsea Pensioner Sgt Bill Millhouse (83) recieved a pleasant surprise when he arrived in the Queen's Division Depot at Bassingbourne Barracks, Royston, Herts for the annual reunion of The Royal Anglian Regiment Sergeants' (Past and Present) Dinner Club. He was overjoyed to see displayed in the mess entrance hall a miniature set of regimental colours which he had embroidered in 1937 while serving as a private soldier in india with the Lincolnshire Regiment. After many years of trying to track down his handiwork Bill, now an In-Pensioner at the Royal Chelsea Hospital, had finally given up. Now the dinner club is to present him with a framed picture of himself and the embroidered colours. In 1946 the Lincolnshire Regiment took the 'Royal' prefix into its title and in 1968 it was redesignated the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment.

Army Service

Bill Millhouse was born on 28th December 1904 and was a miner before he joined the army (his father was a mine manager in Yorkshire). Bill served in the British Army from 20th October 1923 until 13th November 1945 - a total of 22 years and 1 month. He Joined the RHC (Royal Hospital Chelsea) on 9th October 1978, aged 73. Prior to that he was living in Poole, Dorset.

GS Palestine,
Mentioned in Dispatches L.G. 23rd July 1937.
Coronation 1937,
1939/45 Star,
Burma Star,
War, LS & GC.

Army Service:
24th july 1922 Joined T.A. 5th Bn. SHERWOOD FORESTERS, did recruit training LINCOLN and joined 1st Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment

1925 moved to ALDERSHOT.
1926 moved to DOVER.
1930 to CATTERICK.
1931 to MALTA.
1935 to PALESTINE. Mentioned in dispatches for defending MGs against terrorists.
1937 to CATTERICK. Same year to PORTLAND and then same year drafted to INDIA to 2nd Bn. NAZIRABAD.
1938 returned U.K. on compassionate grounds because children had tropical T.B. and to Depot, until war broke out 1939.
1941 to W. AFRICA.
1942 to INDIA with 82nd W.A. DIV. DIVHQ. and to ARAKAN, and took part in operation BUTHADONG area and Cox's Bazzaar and towards PROME.
Then returned U.K. and to 'Z' Reserve 13.11,45 as L/Sgt.

After leaving the Army, Bill was a verger at Spalding Parish Church for 9 years. Then in 1955 went to the Lincolnshire Depot as Mess Steward, until the amalgamation in 1956. Then he went to work for Major Pane, of Kirby, Lincolnshire, as Chauffeur/Gardener for 14 years until he retired in 1970. After 1970, Bill continued to do various odd jobs, mostly gardening.

Chelsea Pensioner's Appeal

The Chelsea Pensioners' Appeal seeks to raise £30 million. The money is urgently needed to improve and modernise the living accommodation.
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The Queen's Division

The Queen's Division is a British Army command, training and administrative apparatus designated for has the regiments from the east of England and the remaining regiment of Fusiliers. The Queen's Division was formed in 1968 with the regimentation of the Home Counties Brigade, Fusilier Brigade and East Anglian Brigade, followed by the union of the new regiments. As of 2005, the Queen's Division is composed of nine infantry battalions:

Regular Army Units
1st and 2nd Battalions, Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshire)
1st and 2nd Battalions, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
1st and 2nd Battalions, Royal Anglian Regiment

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3rd Battalion (V), Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment (Queen's and Royal Hampshire)
5th Battalion (V), Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
3rd Battalion (V), Royal Anglian Regiment

In addition, the Queen's Division has responsibility for the Royal Gibraltar Regiment, under the Director of Infantry. The Queen's Division also maintains a single Band of the Queen's Division. This was formed in 2006 by the amalgamation of two former divisional bands, the Minden Band (recalling the Battle of Minden) and the Normandy Band (recalling D-Day). However, each of the TA battalions maintains a regimental band for their parent regiment.