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Alan Morley

Alan Morley served in The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment in Malaya from 1955 to 1957 and was in the Corps of Drums. Alan kindly emailed us these photographs for inclusion in this website.>

Lincoln 2011

Alan visited the Lincoln Branch of the Royal Anglian & Royal Lincolnshire Regimental Association in 2011.

Alan Morley visiting Lincoln in 2011 Alan Morley visiting Lincoln in 2011 Alan Morley visiting Lincoln in 2011

Sobraon Barracks, Lincoln 1955.

Cleethorpes Platoon at Sobraon Barracks

Kuala Lumpur

Alan Morley in Kuala Lumpur BACK: Cpl Stacy, Stoker, Charles Hubbard, Alan Morley Graham Weightman, Rob, Harry. MIDDLE: Brian Revel, Greg, Val, N/K, N/K. FRONT: Tony Shortland, Monk, Winders, Matt, Len. Drum Major Stevenson & N/K - Kuala Lumpur Gordon Scotney, Monk, Alan Morley, Vause - Kuala Lumpur Greg, Rob, Harry, Charles Hubbard, Brian Revel, Val, Alan Morley, Gordon Scotney - Queens Birthday 1956 - Kuala Lumpur Monk, Vause + Bonzo the dog - Kuala Lumpur

Nee Soon Transit Camp, Singapore, August 1955.

Alan Morley at Nee Soon Frank Sismore, Alan Morley, Tony, Barry, Len Frank Sismore, Harry, Barry, Len, Tony Gordon Scotney, Monk, Alan Morley, N/K

Nee Soon Barracks today.


AB and Titch Frank Ward Rob Rob, Greg, Frank Winders Titch ready for riding shotgun

Singapore 1956

Alan Morley, Brian Revel, Tony Shortland, Frank, Sismore Frank Collins, Greg, Brian Revel, Frank Sismore, Rob, Alan Morley. FAR RIGHT: Strouse, Stacey. Gordon Scotney, Val, Frank Ward, Frank Collins, Alan Morley. BELOW: Winders, Charles Hubbard. Graham Weightman(in car), Tony Shortland, Brian Revel.


Titch, Tony, Alan Morley, Val. Tony.

Klang 1956

Silver Drums & Bugles Sultan's Birthday - Klang 1956 Sultan's Birthday - Klang 1956 Sultan's Birthday - Klang 1956 Sultan's Birthday - Klang 1956


After refit - Taiping Alan, Garth, George, 'Porky', Harry, Stoker, 'Rev', 'Pep', Val, Bill, Shorty (Taiping) Alan Morley - Taiping Alan Morley - Taiping Ginger, Garth, Val, Al, Pep, Bill, Alan (Taiping) Harry and Alan (Taiping) Monsoon (Taiping) Monsoon (Taiping) Monsoon (Taiping) Pep, Shorty, 'Porky', Alan, Garth, Wardy (Taiping) Funeral: Taiping. 'Sis', Bill, 'Porky', 'Swin', 'Erky', Stoker, George Ward, 'Pep', Val, Rev. Allen.

On reviewing the photographs contributed by Alan Morley, I believe my father, Edward Burrows is third from the right in both the 10th and potentially 11th pictures in the Taiping section. Both pictures are 'pre-tattoo's'! We have a similar picture of the drums as well. Edward was also known as Ted to some and maybe David to others (that's another story) and served between 1956-1958. He sadly passed away at the end of November but did have the opportunity to meet up with fellow serviceman as part of the National Malaya and Borneo Veterans Association based in Grantham in the past few years. Dad did not talk a great deal of his time in Malaya - from reading reports of what he may have seen while he was there, it is understandable why. It is great that you have created an informative site that links to an important time for the British forces abroad in the empire.
I hope the above has helped add names to faces.
Kind regards, Melanie Gilbert, 20 December 2015.


Alan, Brian Revel, Tony Shortland, Keith Sismore (Penang) Alan, Brian Revel, Peewee, Keith Sismore, Graham Weightman, Geoff (Penang) Alan Morley (Penang) Alan Morley (Penang) Alan Morley (Penang) Brian Revel, Keith Sismore, Peewee (Penang) Cpl Stacey, Tony Shortland, Alan Morely, Graham Weightman (Penang) Graham Weightman (Penang) Keith Sismore, Graham Weightman, Alan Morely, Brian Revel (Penang) Tony Shortland (Penang)


Brian Revel, N/K, Frank Collins Frank Sismore ? Rob Tony, Val, Titch, Alan Morley Frank Collins, 'Sis', Ginger, Shorty, Rob & Jenny the bear. Matt with Bongo, Monk, Alan and Stoker. The Band at Christmas 1956 The Band at Christmas 1956 The Band at Christmas 1956


Sobraon Barracks, Lincoln 8th July 1955 Best Recruit Vaccination Certificate Aircraft - The flight took 5 days an extra night in Karachi because of engine trouble. Flight Schedule p1 Flight Schedule p2 Third Class Certificate Authority to carry rifle and ammunition Bill for Leave Centre (Penang) Leave Pass p1 Brochure p1 Brochure p2 Programme Leave ID Leave ID Info Sheet - Moves to UK p1 Info Sheet - Moves to UK p2 The Dunera our passage back to the UK - as the Suez crisis was on we sailed round the Cape of Good Hope. Air Ticket Berthing Card Berthing Card Great Eastern Hotel, Calcutta. Great Eastern Hotel, Calcutta. Leave Pass Leave Pass Seat Reservation Shore Leave Pass Soldiers Permanent Pass