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List of standard military abbreviations that may be used on this site (and elsewhere).

We apologise for any ommissions - it is always difficult to include everything in such a list.






A Acting  
A Assistant  
A.A. Anti Aircraft  
AAAW Advanced Anti-Armour Weapon  
AAC Army Air Corps  
AA COLL Army Apprentice College  
AAHC Army Auxiliary Horse Company  
AAI Allied Army Italy  
A.A.M.C. Australian Army Medcal Corps  
AAR Air to Air Refuelling  
AARR Airborne Armoured Recconaissance Regiment  
AAS Army Apprentice School  
AATDC Army Airborne Transport Development Centre  
AATS Anti Aircraft Training Centre  
AAW Anti-Air Warfare  
AB Airborne  
A.B. Army Book  
ABC Armoured Brigade Company (RASC)  
ABLE Automotive Bridge Launching Equipment  
ABOD Advanced Base Ordnance Depot (India)  
ABS Army Board Secretariat  
ABSD Army Blood Supply Depot (RAMC)  
ac Aircraft  
AC Army Contracts  
ACC Army Catering Corps  
ACC Armoured Car Company (RAC)  
ACCS Air Control and Command Systems  
accn Accommodation  
ACE Allied Command Europe  
ACEP Army Communications Equipment Production  
A.C.I. Army Council Instruction  
A.C.D. Army Chaplain's Department  
ACLANT Allied Command North Atlantic  
ACOS Assistant Chief of Staff  
ACP Air Composible Platoon (RASC)  
ACV Armoured Command Vehicle  
A.CYC.CORPS Army Cyclist Corps  
AD Air Defence  
AD Air Dispatch  
AD Army Department  
AD Air Dispatch  
AD Armoured Division  
AD Army Department  
AD Assistant Director  
ADA Air Defended Area  
ADAD Air Defence Alerting Device  
ADC Aide-de-Camp  
A.D.G.M.S. Assistant General Director of Medical Services  
Adjt Adjutant  
admin Administration  
admin O Administrative Order  
ADMS Assistant Director of Medical Services  
ADP Automatic Data-Processing  
ADR Airfield Damage Repair  
ADS Army Dental Service  
ADST Assistant Director of Supply and Transport  
ADT Armoured Division Troops  
AE Army Equipment  
AEC Army Education Corps  
AEC Army Educational Company  
AEDN Army Education  
AER Army Emergency Reserve  
AEW Airborne Early Warning  
A.F. Army Form  
AFCENT Allied Forces Central European Theatre  
AFD Airborne Forces Depot  
AFNORTHWEST Allied Forces Northwestern Europe  
AFPD Army Forms and Publications Depot  
AFS Air Formation Signals  
AFSOUTH Allied Forces Southern Europe  
AFV Armoured Fighting Vehicle  
AFW Army Field Workshops  
AG Adjutant General  
AGB Adjutant General's Base  
AGC Adjutant General's Corps  
AGDU Army Guard Dog Unit  
AGR Army General Reserve  
A.G.R.A. Army Group Royal Artillery  
A.GYM.ST. Army Gymnastic Staff  
AH Army Health  
AHC Army Hospital Corps  
AHQ Air Headquarters  
AIFV Armoured Infantry Fighting Vehicle  
AIO Army Intelligence Officer  
AIRCENT Allied Air Forces Central Europe  
AIRLINE COY. Airline Company (RE Unit specialising in overhead cables)  
Airmob Airmobile  
AJT Advanced Jet Trainer  
AKC Army Kinema Corporation  
A/L Air Landing  
ALARM Air-Launched Anti-Radiation Missile  
A L/CPL Acting Lance Corporal  
ALFN Allied Land Forces Norway  
ALS Army Legal Services  
AM Airbus Military  
AMC Airodrome Maintenance Company (RE)  
AMC Army Medical Corps  
AM COL Amunition Column  
AMCU Anti Malarial Control Unit  
AMF(L) Allied Mobile Force (Land Element)  
A.M.O. Administrative Medical Officer  
AMRAAM Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile  
A.MULE DEPOT Army Mule Depot  
A.M.P.C. Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps  
AMS Army Medical Services  
ANGLS Autonomous Navigation And Gun Laying System  
ANS Army Nursing Services  
AOC Air Officer Commanding  
A.O.C. Army Ordnance Corps  
A.O.D. Army Ordnance Department  
A.O.D. Advanced Ordnance Depot  
AORE Army Operational Research Establishment  
AOSR Army Operational Science and Research  
AP Armour-Piercing/Ammunition Point/Air Publication  
APC Armoured Personnel Carrier  
A.P.C. Army Pay Corps  
A.P.D. Army Pay Department  
APDS Armour-Piercing Discarding Sabot  
APL Army Pioneers and Labour  
APO Army Post Office  
APS Auto Pointing System  
APS Army Printing and Stationery Services  
A.P.T.C. Army Physical Training Corps  
AR Army Recruiting  
ARBS Angle Rate Bombing System  
ARMD Armoured  
ARMR Armour  
ARRC Allied Rapid Reaction Corps  
ARRF Allied Rapid Reaction Forces  
ARTY Artillery  
ARV Armoured Recovery Vehicle  
ASACS Air Surveillance & Control System  
A.S.C. Army Service Corps  
A.S.C. Army Selection Centre  
ASCB Army Sport Control Board  
ASD Army Staff Duties  
A.SGT Acting Seargeant  
ASRAAM Advanced Short-Range Air-to-Air Missile  
A. & S.H. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders  
AS of FH Army School of Field Hygiene  
ASTOVL Advanced Short Take-Off and Vertical Landing  
A SURG Army Surgeon  
ASW Anti-Submarine Warning  
AT Army Training  
ATAF Allied Tactical Air Force  
ATC Army Training Centre  
ATC Army Troops Company  
A.T. COY. Army Troops Company (RE)  
ATGW Anti-Tank Guided Weapon  
ATM Acquisition Training Missiles  
ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service  
att Attached  
ATWM Army Transition to War Measure  
AUR All-up-Round  
AVC Army Veterinary Corps  
AVLB Armoured Vehicle Launched Bridge  
AVRS Army Veterinary and Remount Services  
AW Artisan Works (RE)  
AWC Air Warfare Centre  
A.W.O.CL.1. Acting Warrant Officer Class 1  
AWOL Absent without Leave  
AWRE Atomic Weapons Research Establishment  
AYR. YEO. Ayshire Yeomanry  




BACCS Backbone Air Command and Control System  
B.A.F.S.V. British Armed Forces Special Vouchers  
BALTAPd Baltic Approaches  
BANU British Army News unit  
BAPO British Army Post Office (RE)  
B.A.O.R. British Army of the Rhine (post WW2)  
B.A.R. British Army of the Rhine (post WW1)  
BC Battery Commander  
BC Battle Casuality  
BCD Biological and Chemical Defence  
BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force (Japan)  
BD Base Depot  
BD Biological Defence  
BD Bomb Disposal  
BDC Bomb Disposal Company  
BDE Brigade  
BDR Bombadier - Royal Artillery Rank of Corporal  
BDS Bomb Disposal Section (RE)  
BDSM Bandsman  
BE Belgium (Belgian)  
BEDF. R. Bedfordshire Regiment  
BEDF. YEO. Bedfordshire Yeomanry  
BEF British Expeditionary Force  
BETFOR British Element Trieste Force  
BFAP British Forces Aden Protectorate  
B.F.B.S.G. British Forces Broadcasting Service  
B.F.E.S. British Families' Education Service  
BFG British Forces Germany  
B.F.N. British Forces Network  
BFPO British Forces Post Office  
BG Battlegroup  
BGHQ Battlegroup Headquarters  
BGTI Battlegroup Themal Imaging  
BICS Battlefield Information Control System  
BiH Bosnia Herzogovina  
BK Battery Captain  
BLA British Liberation Army  
BLD Battlefield and Land Digitisation  
B/M Bugle Major  
BMA Battery Manoeuvre Area  
BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System  
BMH British Military Hospital  
BMS Battle (field)  Management System  
Bn Battalion  
BNAF British North Africa Force  
BOD Base Ordnance Depot  
BORD. R. Border Regiment  
BPTC Bulk Petrol Transport Company (RASC)  
B.Q.M.S. Battery Quarter Master Sergeant  
BRC Base Reinforcement Camp  
B.R.C.S. British Red Cross Society  
Brig. (post 1922?) Brigadier  
Brig.Gen. (pre 1922?) Brigadier General  
BR.W.I.R. British West Indies Regiment  
BSD Base Supply Depot (RASC)  
BSM Battery Sergeant Major  
BTA British Troops Austria  
Bttn. Battalion  
BTU Blood Transfusion Unit (RAMC)  
Bty Battery  
BUCKS. YEO. Buckinghamshire Yeomanry  
B.W.I.R. British West Indies Regiment  




C3I Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence  
CA Civil Affairs  
CAD Central Ammunition Depot  
cam Camouflaged  
CAMB. R. Cambridgeshire Regiment  
CAMC Canadian Army Medical Corps  
CAMN, HIGHS. Cameron Highlanders  
CAP Combat Air Patrol  
CAPT. Captain  
cas Casualty  
CAS CCoastal Artillery School  
CASEVAC Casualty Evacuation  
CASOM Conventional Attack Stand-Off Missile  
CASTOR Corps Airborne Stand-Off Radar  
cat Catering  
CATO Civilian Air Traffic Operation  
CATS Combined Aerial Target Service  
CAV Cavalry  
CAV. BDE. Cavalry Brigade  
CBO Counter battery Officer  
CCF Combined Cadet Force  
C.C.G. (B.E.) Control Commission Germany (British Element)  
CCM Counter Countermeasure  
CCP Casualty Collecting Point  
CCS Casualty Clearing Station  
Cdo Commando  
CDS Chief of the Defence Staff  
CE Chief Engineer (RE)  
CEP Central Engineer Park  
CEP Circular Error Probable  
CEPO Civillian Establishment and Pay Officer  
CEPS Central European Pipeline System  
CET Combat Engineer Tractor  
CFA Cavalry Field Ambulance  
CFN Craftsman (REME rank of Private)  
C.F.W.W. Council of Voluntary War Workers  
CG Chaplain General  
C. GDS. Coldstream Guards  
CGRM Commander General Royal Marines  
CGS Chief of the General Staff  
CHARRV Challenger Armoured Repair & Recovery Vehicle   
CHARRV TRL Challenger Armoured Repair & Recovery Vehicle Trailer  
CHES. R. Cheshire Regiment  
CHES. YEO. Cheshire Yeomanry  
CHT Corps of Horse Transport (prefix used in ASC)  
C. of HRS. Corps of Husars  
CIC Civillian Internment Camp  
CIC Commander-in-Chief  
CIC Cookery Instruction Centre  
CID Combat Indentification  
CIMIC Civil Military Cooperation  
CinC Commander-in-Chief  
CINCENT     Commander-in-Chief Central European Theatre  
CINCUKAIR Commander-in-Chief UK Air  
CIS Communication Information Systems  
civ Civilian  
CJO Chief of Joint Operations  
CJRDFO     Chief of the Joint Rapid Deployment Force Operations  
CL. YEO. City of London Yeomanry  
C. of LOND. YEO. City of London Yeomanry  
C.M.A. Corps of Military Accountants  
Cmdt Commandant  
CMF Central Mediterranean Force  
CMP Corps of Military Police  
CMS(AD) Civillian Medical Services (Army Department)  
CMT Corps of Mechanical Transport (old ASC prefix)  
CO Commanding Officer  
C. of A.S. Corps of Army Schoolmasters  
COD Central Ordnance Depot  
COBRA Counter Battery Radar    
Col. Colonel  
Col GS Colonel General Staff  
CO. of LOND. YEO. County of London Yeomanry  
C. of LRS. Corps of Lancers  
ComBAT Common Battlefield Application Toolset  
Comd Command  
Comd Commander  
Comdt Commandant  
Comms Z Communications Zone  
comp rat Composite Ration (Compo)  
COMRFA Commander Royal Fleet Auxiliary  
COMSEC Command Secretary  
COMSEN Communications Centre  
COMSFOR Commander SFOR  
CONN. RANG. Connaught Rangers  
coord Coordinate  
COS Chief of Staff  
coy Company  
CP Close Protection/Command Post  
Cpl Corporal  
CPO Command Pay Office/Chief Petty Officer  
CQMS Company Quartermaster Sergeant  
CRC Control Reporting Centre  
CR Coastal Regiment (RA)  
C.R.E. Commander Royal Engineer  
CRP Control Reporting Point  
CRU Civil Resettlement Unit  
CSABM Collaborative System for Air Battlespace Management  
CSDIC Combined Services Detail Interrogation Centre  
CSDU Central Salvage Depot Unit  
CSEU Combined Services Entertainment Unit  
C.Sgt. Colour Sergeant  
C.S.M. Company Sergeant Major  
CSR(A) Chief Superintendent of Ranges (Army)  
C Sups Combat Supplies  
CSVH Combat Support Vehicle Heavy  
CSVL Combat Support Vehicle Heavy  
CT Clothing and Textiles  
CTBA Ceased to be Attached  
CTBE Ceased to be Entitled  
CTC Cavalry Tank Corps  
CTOL Conventional Take-Off and Landing  
CTTO Central Trials and Tactics Organisation  
CUP Capability Upgrade Period  
CV Combat Vehicle  
CVD Central Vehicle Depot  
CVR(T)  Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked  
CVR (W) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Wheeled  
CW Chemical Warfare  




D&D Devon and Dorset Regiment
D&T Development and Training
DAA Divisional Administrative Area
D.A.C. Divisional Ammunition Column
DADAW Deputy Assistant Director of Army Welfare
DADMS Deputy Assistant Director of Army Medical Services
DAG Divisional Artillery Group
DASS Defensive Aids Sub-System
DAW Department of Air Warfare
DB Depot Battalion (RE)
DB Depot Brigade (RA)
DC District Commander
DCC Defence Communications Centre
D.C.L.I. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
D.C.M. District Court Martial
D.C.S. District Censorship Station
D.D.M.S. Deputy Director of Medical Services
DE Duration of Emergency
DE Director of Establishment
def Defence
DEMS Defensive Equipped Merchant Ship
DENBIGH. YEO. Denbighshire Yeomanry
DERA Defence Evaluation & Research Agency
DERR Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment
det Detached/Detachment
DEVON. R. Devonshire Regiment
DF Defensive Fire
DG Dragoon Guards
D. GDS Dragoon Guards
DHFS Defence Helicopter Flying School
DI Defence Intelligence
DID Detail Issue Depot (RASC)
DISTAFF Directing Staff (DS)
Div. Division
DK Denmark
D.L.I. Durham Light Infantry
DM Driver Mechanical Transport (ASC prefix)
DMA Divisional Maintenance Area
D.M.G. Deputy Military Governor
dml Demolition
DMR Daily Messing Rate
Dmr. Drummer
DMS Driver Mechanical School
DNS Dragoons
DOC Docks Operating Company (RE)
D. of CORN.L.I. Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry
D of E Duration of Engagement
D. of LANCS.O.Y. Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry
D of W Duration of War
DORSET. R. Dorset Regiment
DORSET. YEO. Dorset Yeomanry
DPM Deputy Provost Marshal
DR Despatch Rider
DRA Defence Research Agency
DROPS Demountable Rack Off-Loading & Pick-Up System
DRU Dynamic Reference Unit
DS Direct Support
DS Dressing Station
DSAF Depot and School Airborne Forces
DSC Divisional Supply Column
DSO Distinguished Service Order
DTG Date Time Group
DTR Driver Training Regiment
DURH. L.I. Durham Light Infantry
Dvr Driver (rank equating to Proivate)
DW Duration of War




E&M COY Electrical and Mechanical Company (RE)
EAC COY Equipment Assembly Company (REME)
ECC Emergency Cooks Course
ech Echelon
ECM Electronic Counter Measure
ECC Emergency Cookery Training
EDP Emergency Defence Plan
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
E.F.C. Expeditionary Force Canteen (WW1)
EFI Expeditionary Force Institutes
emb Embarkation
EME Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
EME(A) Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (Army)
EMP Electro Magnetic Pulse
EMS Emergency Medical Service
en Enemy
Engr Engineer/Engineers
ENSA Entertainment National Service Association
EOD Explosive Ordnance Disposal
eqpt Equipment
ERE Extra Regimental Employment
E.R. of YORK. Y. East Riding of Yorkshire Yeomanry
ESBD Electrical Stores Base Depot
ESBD Engineer Stores Base Depot
ESD Engineer Stores Depot
ESE Engineer Stores Establishment
ESS Environmental Support System
ESSEX. R. Essex Regiment
ESSEX Y. Essex Yeomanry
Est Establishments
E. SURR. R. East Surrey Regiment
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
EW Early Warning / Electronic Warfare
EWOSE Electronic Warfare Operational Support Establishment
ex Exercise
EX. FCE. CAN. Expeditionary Force Canteen
E. YORK. R. East Yorkshire Regiment




FA Field Ambulance
FAC Forward Air Controller
F. AMB. Field Ambulance
F.A.N.Y. First Aid Nursing Yeomanry
FARELF Far East Land Force
FBRV Future Beach Recovery Vehicle
FCLV Future Command and Liaison Vehicle
F COY Fortress Company
Fd Amb Field Ambulance
Fd Field
FDS Field Dressing Station
FDS Forward Delivery Squadron (RAC)
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FFR Fitted for Radio
FF REGT Frontier Force Regiment (India)
FGA Fighter Ground Attack
F.G.C.M. Field General Court Martial
FH Field Hospital
FIMU Fleet Information Management Unit
FLA Future Large Aircraft
FLD. BKY. Field Bakery
FLET Forward Location Enemy Troops
FLIR Forward Looking Infra Red
FLOT Forward Location Own Troops
fmm Formation
FOC First Of Class
FONA Flag Officer Naval Aviation
FOO Forward Observation Officer
FOSCLE Fleet Operational Command System
FOSF Flag Officer Surface Fleet
FOSM Flag Officer Submarines
FOST Flag Officer Sea Training
FOU Forward Observer Unit (RA)
FPKS Field Park Squadron (RE)
FPS Field Park Squadron (RE)
FR France (French)
FRES Future Rapid Effect System 
FRG     Federal Republic of Germany/Forward Repair Group
FRT Forward Repair Team
FSP Full Service Provision
FSS Field Security Section
FTS Flying Training School
FUP Forming Up Place/Forming Up Point
Fus. Fusilier (rank equating to Private)
FVPE Fighting Vehicle Proving Establishment
FVS Fighting Vehicle Section
FWAM Full Width Attack Mine
FWN. Forewoman (QMAAC NCO)
FWOC (R) Fleet Weather & Oceanographic Computer (Replacement)
Fy Financial Year




G.C. George Cross
GC COY General Construction Company (RE)
G.C.M. General Court Martial
GCR Gold Coat Regiment
GDP General Defence Plan/Gross Domestic Product
GDS Guards
GDS General Duties Section
Gdsm Guardsman (Rank equating to Private)
GDS. M.G.R. Guards machine Gun Regiment
GE German (Germany)
Gen. General
G. GDS. Grenadier Guards
GH General Hospital
GHTM Ground Handling Training Missiles
GLAM. YEO. Glamorgan Yeomanry
GLOUC. R. Gloucsetershire Regiment
G.M. George Medal
G.M.P. Garrison military Police
Gnr. Gunner (Rank equating to Private in Royal Artillery)
GOC General Officer Commanding
GOC-in-C General Officer Commanding-in-Chief
GORD. HIGHS. Gordon Highlanders
GORDONS. Gordon Highlanders
GP Group
GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
GR Greece (Greek)
GRKS Gurkhas
G.R.O. General Routine Order
GRSC Ground Radio Servicing Centre  
G.S. General Service
GSC General Service Corps
GSO General Staff Officer
GT COY General Transport Company
GTTB General Trades Training Battalions (Royal Signals)




HAA Heavy Anti Aircraft
H.A.C. Honorable Artillery Company
H.A.C. ART. Honorable Artillery Company, Artillery Section
H.A.C. INF. Honorable Artillery Company, Infantry Section
HAMP. R. Hampshire Regiment
HAMPS. R. Hampshire Regiment
HAMPS. Y. Hampshire Yeomanry
HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter
HAT Home Ambulance Train (RAMC)
HCBTC Home Counties Brigade Training Centre
HD Home Defence
HE High Explosive
HEAT High Explosive Anti-Tank
hel Helicopter
HEREFORD R. Hereford Regiment
HERT. R. Hertfordshire Regiment
HERTS. R. Hertfordshire Regiment
HERTS. Y. Hertfordshire Yeomanry
Hesh High Explosive Squash Head
HET Heavy Equipment Transporter
HIGHLAND CYC. BN. Highland Cyclist Battalion
HIGH. L.I. Highland Light Infantry
H.K.S.R.G.A. Hong Kong and Singapore Royal Garrison Artillery
H.K.V.D.C. Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps
HLDC Heavy Load Distribution Capability
H.L.I. Highland Light Infantry
HOTAS Hands on Throttle and Stick
HOUSEHOLD BN. Household battlaion
HPS Home Port Security (Intelligence Corps)
HQ SW Head Quarters Static Workshop (REME)
HRS Heavy Recovery Section (REME)
HRS(MT) Heavy Repair Shop (Motor Transport)(RAOC)
HRS Hussars
HS Holding Strength
HS Hospital Ship
HSF Home Service Force
HTR Heavy Training Regiment (RAC)
HUNTS. CYC. BN.S Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalion
HV Hyper Velocity
HVM Hyper Velocity Missile
Hy Heavy




I Intelligence
IAB Initial Appraisal Board
IACC Indian Army Corps of Clerks
IADM Incremental Assessment Demonstration and Manufacture
IAOC Indian Army Ordnance Corps
IBDS Integrated Biological Detection Systems 
i/c In charge of
ICC Intelligence Corps Centre
ICCS Integrated Command & Control System
IE Inspector of Establishments
IFCU Indian Field Censor Unit (Intelligence Corps)
IFF Indentification Friend or Foe
IFOR Implementation Force
IG Initial Gate
IGB Inner German Border
I. GDS. Irish Guards
II Image Intensifier
IJLB Infantry Jnior Leader Batalion
illum Illuminating
Inf Infantry
Infy Infantry
INT CORPS Intelligence Corps
INTSUM Intelligence Summary
IO Intelligence Officer
IPT Integrated Project Team
IRF Immediate Reaction Forces
IRG Immediate Replenishment Group
IR. GDS. Irish Guards
IS Internal Security
ISAF Interational Security Assistance Force
ISD In Service Date
ISP Initial Service Provision
ISTAR Intelligence Surveillance Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance
IT Italy (Italian)
ITC Infantry Training Centre
ITN Invitation To Negotiate
ITS Inshore Training Squadron
IUL Indian Unattached List (Officers)
IUR Immediate Use Reserve
IW Individual Weapon
IWP Instruments and Weapons Production
I.W.T. Inland Water Transport




JFACHQ Joint Force Air Component Headquarters
JFHQ Joint Force Headquarters
JHQ Joint Headquarters
JOCS Joint Operational Command Systems
JRC Joint Regional Command
JRDF Joint Rapid Deployment Force
JRRF Joint Rapid Reaction Force
JSRC Joint Sub-Regional Command
JSSU Joint Services Signals Unit
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System




KAR King's African Rifles
K.E.H. King Edward's Horse
KFOR Kosovo Force
K.O.S.B. King's Own Scottish Borderer's
K.O. SCOT. BORD. King's Own Scottish Borderer's
K.O.Y.L.I. King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
K.R.R.C. King's Royal Rifle Corps
K.R. RIF. C. King's Royal Rifle Corps
KSG Korea Services Gratuity
K.S.L.I. King's Shropshire Light Infantry
KUR Key User Requirement




L Labour
LABOUR C. Labour Corps
LAC London Assembly Centre
L of C Lines of Communication
LAD Light Aid Detachment (REME)
LANARK. FUS. Lanarkshire Fusiliers
LANARK. YEO. Lanarkshire Yeomanry
LANDCENT Commander Allied Land Forces Central Europe
L.C. Labour Corps
LC Logistic Command
L.Cpl Lance Corporal
L/Cpl Lance Corporal
LCRS Lancers
LDAC London District Assembly Centre
LDRD London District Reception Depot (RAC)
LDY OP Laundry Operator (RAOC)
LEIC. R. Leicestershire Regiment
LEIC. Y. Leicestershire Yeomanry
LEINS. R. Leinster Regiment
LET Light Equipment Transporter
L.G. Life Guards
L.GDS. Life Guards
LGB Laser Guided Bomb
LIAP Leave in addition to Python
LIEUT. Lieutenant
LINC. R. Lincolnshire Regiment
LINC. Y. Lincolnshire Yeomanry
L.I.R. London Irish Rifles
LLAD Low-Level Air Defence
LMAS Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems
LMB FA Lowland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance (RAMC)
LML Lightweight Multiple Launcher
L.N. LAN. R. Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
LO Liaison Officer
Loc Locating
L of C Line of Communication
Log Logistic
LOND. R. London Regiment
LOTH. & BORD. H. Lothian and Border Horse
LOVAT'S SCTS. Lovat's Scouts
LPH Landing Platform Helicopter
L'POOL. R. Liverpool Regiment
LRATGW Long-Range Anti-Tank Guided Weapons
LRDG Long-Range Desert Group
LRS. Lancers
L. Sgt. Lance Sergeant
LSL Landing Ships Logistic
LSL Long Service List
LSW Light Support Weapon
LT Lieutenant
LT. COL. Lieutenant Colonel
LTM Light Trench Mortar
LTR Long Term Reserve
LTW Lyneham Training Wing
LWOP Leave without Pay




MA Mililtary Adviser
MA Mililtary Assistant
MA Mililtary Attache
MAC Motor Ambulance Company (RAMC)
M.A.D. Mililtary Accounts Departmnt
maint Maintain
Maj Major
MAMBA Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Radar
MAMS Mobile Air Movement Squadron
MANCh. R. Manchester Regiment
MAOT Mobile Air Operations Team
MAPS Modular Azimuth Positioning System
MATO Military Air-Traffic Operations
mat Material
MB Mercian Brigade
MBT Main Battle Tank
MBU Mobile Bath Unit (Pioneer Corps)
M.C. Military Cross
M.C. Movement Control
M.C. Motor Cycle
MCM Mine Countermeasures
MCMV Mine Countermeasures Vessels
MCU Military Collection Unit
MDC Mobile Defence Company
MD Coy Motor Driver Company (ATS)
mech Mechanised
ME Coy Mechanical Equipment Company
med Medical
M.E.F. Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
M.E.F. Middle Easti Land Force
MEP Mechanical Equipment Park Company (RE)
MET Meterorlogical
MEXE Military Enginerring Experimental Establishment
MFC Mortar Fire Controller
M.F.P. Military Foot Police
MG Machine Gun
MG Main Gate
M.G.C. Machine Gun Corps
M.G. Corps. Machine Gun Corps
M.G.C. Cav. Machine Gun Corps Cavalry
MG TC Machine Gun Training Centre
M.F.P. Military Foot Police
MGO Master General of the Ordnance
MIDD'X. R. Middlesex Regiment
MIRV Multiple Independently Targeted Re-entry Vehicle
M.I.R.S. Military Intelligence Research Section
MLRS Multi-Launched Rocket System
MLU Mid-Life Update
MLU Mobile Laundry Unit (RAOC)
M.M. Military Medal
MMGC Motor Machine Gun Corps
M.M.G.S. Motor Machine Gun Service
M.M.P. Military Mounted Police
MNAD Multi-National Airmobile Division
MND Multi-National Division
MO Medical Officer
M.O. Military Operations
mob Mobilisation
MoD Ministry of Defence
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
Mov Movement
MP Manpower
MP Military Police
MP&DB Military Prison and Detention Barracks
MPDB Military Provost Detention Barracks
MPDS Multi-Purpose Decontamination System
M.P.S.C. Military Provost Staff Corps
MONMOUTH. R. Monmouthshire Regiment
MPFC Mobile Petrol Filling Company
MPTC Mobile Petrol Transport Company
M.R. Mounted Rifles
MRA Maritime Royal Artillery
MRE Microbiological Research Establishment
MRG Medium Repair Group
MRS Medical Reception Station
MRV Multiple Re-entry Vehicle
MS Mechanical Specials (prefix for old Army ASC numbers)
MSD Main Supply Depot (RAOC)
MSG Maintenance Support Group
msl Missile
MT Mechanical Transport
MT BN Motor Training Battalion
MTF Mauritius Territorial Force
MTO Mechanical Transport Officer
MTS Motor Transport Stores
MTTD Motor Transport Training Depot
MU Maintenance Unit  
MWEE Mechanical Warfare Experimental Establishment
M1 Prefix for new Army ASC Mechanical Transport numbers
M2 Prefix for ASC Electricians numbers




NAAFI Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes
NACMA NATO ACCS Management Agency
NADGE NATO Air Defence Ground Environment
NAEW-F NATO Airborne Early Warning Forces
NAMC Naval Afloat Messaging Coherency
NAO Northern Army Group
NARIMS Nuclear Accident Response Information Management System
NATINADS NATO Integrated Air Defence Systems
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NATS National Air-Traffic Services
NBC Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare
NCC Non-combatant Corps
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
N. Cyc. Bn. Northern Cyclist battalion
NDC National Defence Company
NDS Northumbria District Signals
nec Necessary
NEI Netherlands (Dutch) East Indies
NFTC Nato Flying Training Canada
NGFSO Naval Gunfire Support Officer
ni Night
NIB Northern Irish Bridage
NID North Irish Depot
NIM North Irish Militia
N. IR. H. North Irish Horse
NL Netherlands
NO Norway (Norwegian)
NO Nursing Orderly
NOK Next of Kin
NORF. R. Norfolk Regiment
NORF. YEO. Norfolk Yeomanry
NORTHAG Northern Army Group
NORTH'D. FUS. Northumberland Fusiliers
NORTH'D. YEO. Northumberland Yeomanry
NORTH'N. R. Northamptonshire Regiment
NORTH'N. YEO. Northamptonshire Yeomanry
N. SOM. YEO. North Somerset Yeomanry
NSRW National Service Reserve Wing
N. STAFF. R. North Staffordshire Regiment
NTR Nothing to Report
NYK Not Yet Known
N.Z.A.M.C. New Zealand Army Medical Corps




OAC Ordnance Ammunition Company
O.B.L.I. Oxford shire and buckinghamshire Light Infantry
OC Officer Commanding
O.C.A. Oold Comrades Association
OCTU Officer Caadet Training Unit
OCU Operational Conversion Unit (RAF)
OEU Operational Evaluation Unit
OF Ordnance Factories
OFC Ordnance Factories
OFP Ordnance Field Park
OIC Officer in Charge
OKM Operator Keyboard and Line (Royal Signals)
OM Operational Missiles
OOTW Operations Other Than War
OP Observation Post
opO Operation Order
OPWC Overseas Prisoner of War Camp
ORB Omni-Radio Beacon
ORBAT Order of Battle
Ord Ordnance
O.T.C. Officer Training Corps
OWL Operator Wireless and Line
OX. & BUCKS. L.I. Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry
OXF. YEO. Oxfordshire Yeomanry




P info Public Information
PAIFORCE Persia and Iraq Force
PARA REGT Parachute Regiment
pax Passengers
PBDS Prototype Biological Detection System
PCC Port Construction Company
PCC Postal and Courier Communications
PCLU Pioneer and Civil Labour Unit
PD Petrol Depot
PEE Proof and Experimental Establishment
PEMBROKE. YEO. Pembrokeshire Yeomanry
PFI Private Finance Initiative
PJHQ Permanent Joint Headquarters
Pl Platoon
PLK Princess Louise's Kensington Regiment
P/M Pipe Major
PM Provost Marchal
PMR Paymaster
PMR Practical Map Reading
PNE Permanently Non Effective
Pnr. Pioneer - WW1 RE
PO Portugal (Portuguese)
POC Port operating Company
POL Petrol, Oil and Lubrication
P.O.W. Prisoner of War
P PARK Petrol Park
PPP Public/Private Partnership
PQR Post Qualification Questionnaire
Pro Provost
PRRB Parachute Regiment Reserve Battalion
PSM Platoon Sergeant Major
PSP Petrol Stores Platoon
P. & S.S. Printing and Stationary Service
PTC Personnel and Training Command
PTC Primary Training Corps
Pte. Private
PTFOC Petrol Tin Factory |Operating Company (RASC)
PTW Primary Training Wing
P.V.O. Principal Veterinary Officer




Q Quartering
Q.A.I.M.N.S. Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
Q.A.I.M.N.S.(R.) Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve
QARANC Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps
QCS Queen's Colour Squadron
QGE Queen's Gurkha Engineers
Q.M. Quarter Master
Q.M.A.A.C. Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary Corps
QMG Quarter Master General
QMS Quarter Master Sergeant
Q.O.R. GLASGOW YEO. Queens Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry
QUEENS S.R. Queens Royal West Surrey Regiment




R. Prefix for Redmont Section ASC numbers
R & D Research and Development
RA Royal Artillery
RAC Royal Armoured Corps
RACHD Royal Army Chaplains Department
RACR Royal Armoured Corps Range
RADC Royal Army Dental Corps
RAEC Royal Army Education Corps
RAFASUPU RAF Armament Support Unit
RAFLC RAF Logistic Command
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
RAP Rocket-Assisted Projectile/Regiment Aid Post
RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps
RASC Royal Army Service Corps
RATA Royal Army Temperance Association
RAVC Royal Army Veterinary Corps
RBC Reinforcement Base Depot
R. BERKS. R. Royal Berkshire Regiment
R.C. Roman Catholic
R.C. Reconnaissance Corps
RC Coy Railway Construction Company (RE)
R.C.M. Regimental Court Martial
RCMDS Remote-Control Mine Disposal System
RCT Royal Corps of Transport
RCZ Rear Control Zone
R.D.C. Royal Defence Corps
RDD Reception and Discharge Depot
R. DEVON. YEO. Royal Devon Yeomanry
R.D.FUS. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
R. DUB. FUS. Royal Dublin Fusiliers
R.E. Royal Engineers
rebro Rebroadcast
rec Recovery
recce Reconnaissance
R.E. KENT YEO. Royal East Kent Yeomanry
REGT. Regiment
REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
R.F.A. Royal Field Artillery
RFA Royal Fleet Auxiliary
R.F.C. Royal Flying Corps
RFN. Rifleman (Rank equating to Private)
rft Reinforcement
R. FUS. Royal Fusiliers
R.G.A. Royal Garrison Artillery
RGBW Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment
RGH Royal Gloucestershire Hussars
RGJ Royal Green Jackets
R. GUERNSEY L.I. Royal Guernsey Light Infantry
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RHE Return to Home Establishment
RHF Royal Highland Fusiliers
R.H.GDS. Royal Horse Guards
R.H. G. Royal Horse Guards
R. HIGHRS. Royal Highlanders (Black Watch)
RHQ Regimental Headquarters
RHU Reinforcement Holding Unit
RIF Royal Irish Fusiliers
RIF. BRIG. Rifle Brigade
R.INNIS. FUS. Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers
R.IR.FUS. Royal Irish Fusiliers
R.IR.REG. Royal Irish Regiment
R.IR. RIF. Royal Irish Rifles
RLC Royal Logistic Corps
R.LANC.R. Royal Lancaster Regiment
RM Royal Marines
RMA Rear Maintenance Area/Royal Military Academy
RMAS Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
RMC Royal Military College
R.M.O. Regimental Medical Officer
RMP Royal Military Police
R. MUNS. FUS. Royal Munster Fusiliers
RMW Railway Mobile Workshop
RN Royal Navy
R.N. DEVON YEO. Royal North Devon Yeomanry
RNMC Royal Netherlands Marine Corps
RO Recruiting Officer
RO Retired Officer
ROC Railway Operating Company
ROD Railway Operating Division (RE)
ROF Royal Ordnance Factory
Ro-Ro Roll-On Roll-Off
RP Reporting Point
RPC Royal Pioneer Corps
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RQMS Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant
RRF Royal Regiment of Fusiliers
RRF Rapid Reaction Forces
R.R. OF CAV. Royal Regiment of Cavalry
RSA Royal School of Artillery
RSAF Royal Small Arms Factory
RSC Recruit Selection Centre
R. SC. FUS. Royal Scots Fusiliers
R. SCOTS Royal Scots
R. S. FUS. Roval Scots Fusiliers
R. SIGNALS Royal Signals
RSIGS Royal Signals
R.S.M. Regimental Sergeant Major
RSME Royal School of Mechanical Engineering
RSR Raiding Support Regiment
RSS Royal School of Signals
R. SUSS. R. Royal Sussex Regiment
RTM Ready to Move
R.T.O. Railway Transportion Office (Officer?)
RTR Royal Tank Regiment
RTU Return to Unit
R.U.R. Royal Ulster Rifles
R. W. FUS. Royal Welsh Fusiliers
R. W. KENT R. Royal West Kent Regiment
R. WAR. R. Royal Warwickshire Regiment




S. Prefix to ASC numbers denoting Supply
SACLOS Semi Automatic to  Command Line of Sight
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander Europe
SAM Surface-to-Air Missile
SAR Search and Rescue
SARB Siege Artillery Reserve Brigade
S. ARMS SCH. Small Arms School
SAS Special Air Service
SASC Small Arms School Corps
SA SCHOOL Small Arms School
SBS Special Boat Service
SCO Stores and Clothing Department
SCO. H. Scottish Horse
SCO. RIF. Scottish Rifles (Cameronians)
SCU Special Communications Unit (Royal Signals)
SDF Sudan Defence Force
SDR Strategic Defence Review
SEAC South East Asia Command
SEA. HIGHRS. Seaforth Highlanders
SEALF South East Asia Land Force
SEATO South East Asia Treaty Organisation
Sect Section
SEL School of Electric Lighting
SFOR Stabilisation Force
S. GDS. Scots Guards
SGE Siege
SGT Sergeant
SH Seaforth Highlanders
SH Support Helicopters
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHER. RANG. Sherwood Rangers
SHROPS. L.I. Shropshire Light Infantry
SHROPS. YEO. Shropshire Yeomanry
SI (A) Services Intelligence (Army)
SIB Special Investigations Branch
SIG Signalman (Rank equating to Private in Royal Signals)
Sig Signals
S. IR. H. South Irish Horse
SIS Security Identification Section
sit Situation
SITREP Situation Report
SL Searchlight
S. LAN. R. South Lancashire Regiment
SLBM Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missiles
S.L.I. Somerset Light Infantry
SLR Self-Loading Rifle
SLT Searchlight Training
SM Sergeant Major
SME School of Mechanical Engineers
SMG Sub-Machine Gun
S.MJR. Sergeant Major
smk Smoke
SNCO Senior Non-Commissioned Officer
SNLR Services No Longer Required
SOC Sector Operations Centre
SOE Special Operations Executive
SOS Struck Off Strength
SOS Static Officers Shop
S. OF M. School of Musketry
SOM. L.I. Somerset Light Infantry
SP Self Propelled/Start Point
Spr. Sapper (Rank equating to Private in Royal Engineers)
SPS Staff and Personnel Support
Sqn Squadron
S.R. Special Reserve
S.R. Supplementary Reserve
SRD Supply Reserve Depot
SRD System Requirement Document
SSB Special Services Brigade
SSBN Nuclear Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSK Single Shot To Kill
SSM Surface-to-Surface Missile
SSN Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine
S. STAFF. R. South Staffordshire Regiment
SSVC Services Sound and Cinema Corporation
ST Supply and Transport (RASC)
STAFF. YEO. Staffordshire Yeomanry
STC Strike Command
STC Survey Training Centre
STO Survive to Operate
STOBAR Short Take-Off and Arrested Recovery
STOL Short Take-Off and Landing
STOVL Short Take-Off d Vertical Landing
SU Salvage Unit
SUFF. R. Suffolk Regiment
SUFF. YEO. Suffolk Yeomanry
SURR. YEO. Surrey Yeomanry
SV Support Vehicles
SVC Shanghai Volunteer Corps
SVY Survey
SW Static Workshop (REME)
S WALES BORD South Wales Borderers
SWB Silver War Badge
S.W.H. Scottish Women's Hospitals




T. Prefix for ASC numbers denoting New Army Horse Transport
T.A. Territorial Army
tac Tactical
TACC Tactical Air Control Centre
T.A.N.S. Territorial Army Nursing Service
T.A.V.R. Territorial Army Volunteer Reserve
TB Tank Brigade
TB Training Battalion
TB Telegraph Battalion
TBT Tank Bridge Transporter
TCC Traffic Control Company
TCC Turret Control Computer
TCOY Tunnelling Company
TCP Traffic Control Post
TCV Troop Carrying Vehicle
TE Training Establishment
T.F. Territorial Force
T.F.N.S. Territorial Force Nursing Service
TGDA Training Group Defence Agency
tgt Target
THAAD Theatre High-Altitude Area Defence
TIALD Thermal Imaging Airborne Laser Designator
tk Tank
TLAM Tactical Land Attack Missile
TLAM-C Tactical Land Attack Missile - Conventional
TLB Top Level Budget
TM Trench Mortar
TMA Troop Manoeuvre Area
TN Transportation
TNA Training Needs Analysis
TOM Telemetry Operational Missiles
T.O.S. Taken on Strength
TOT Time on Target
TOW Tube-Launched Optically-Tracked Wire-Guided (Missile)
tp Troop
TP CG COY Troop Carrying Company (RASC)
TPR Trooper
tpt Transport
TRG Training
T.S. Prefix for ASC numbers denoting Old Army Specials (pre 1915)?
T.S.R. Prefix for ASC numbers denoting Special Reserve Horse' Transport
TTTE Tri-National Tornado Training Establishment
TU Turkish (Turkey)
TUL Truck Utility Light
TUM Truck Utility Medium
TWS Tactical Weapon System
T4 Prefix for ASC numbers denoting Auxiliary Horse Transport (331 Coy?)




UAS University Air Squadron
UAV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
U/S Unserviceable
UK United Kingdom
UKADGE United Kingdom Air Defence Ground Environment
UKADR United Kingdom Air Defence Region
UKCAOC United Kingdom Combined Air Operations Centre
UKLF United Kingdom Land Forces
UKMF United Kingdom Mobile Force
UKSC (G) United Kingdom Support Command (Germany)
UN United Nations
UNFICYP United Nations Forces in Cyprus
UNCLASS Unclassified
UNPROFOR United Nations Protection Force
URD User Requirement Document
US United States
UXB Unexploded Bomb




V.A.D. Voluntary Aid Detachment
V.C. Victoria Cross
VCP Vehicle Collection Point
V.D. Venereal Disease
veh Vehicle
VOR Vehicle off the Road
VP Vulnerable Points (CMP)
VPP Volunerable Points Provost (CMP)
VRD Vehicle Reserve Depot




W. Prefix sometimes used in ASC, RA and RE numbers to denote Welshman
WAAC Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
W. AFR. R. West African Regiment
WE War Establishment
WEF With Effect From
WELSH H. Welsh Horse
WELSH H.C. Welsh Hospital Corps
WELSH R. Welsh Regiment
WEST & CUMB. Y. Westmoreland and Cumberland Yeomanry
WFE War Fighting Establishment
W. GDS. Welsh Guards
WGNR. Waggoner - ASC - 3
wh Wheeled
W.H.C. Women's Hospital Corps
WI Wireless Intelligence
WILTS. R. Wiltshire Regiment
WILTS. YEO. Wiltshire Yeomanry
W.I.R. West India Regiment
W. KENT YEO. West Kent Yeomanry
WKR. Worker (grade equating to Private in QMAAC)
wksp Workshop
WMR War Maintenance Reserve
W.O. War Office
W.O. Warrant Officer
W.O. CL 1 Warrant Officer Class 1
WORC. R. Worcestershire Regiment
WORC. YEO. Worcestershire Yeomanry
WRAC Women's Royal Army Corps
W. RID. R. West Riding Regiment
W/S War Substantive
W. SOM. YEO. West Somerset Yeomanry
WT Wheeled Tankers
WTCOY Water Tank Company (RASC)
W. YORK. R. West Yorkshire Regiment




X Crossing (as in roads or rivers)
YEO. Yeomanry  
Y. & LR. York and Lancaster Regiment  
Y.D. Yorkshire Dragoons  
Y.H. Yorkshire Hussars  
YORK. DNS. Yorkshire Dragoons  
YORK. HRS. Yorkshire Hussars  
YORK & LANC. R. York and Lancaster Regiment  
YORK. R. Yorkshire Regiment  
YORKS. LI. Yorkshire Light Infantry  
Y.S. Young Soldier  
ZION MULEC. Zion Mule Cores