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The King's School Grantham Combined Cadet Force

Contingent Commander: Lt Col R M Ogg

Combined Cadet Force Press Release


As part of the Army’s OP Reflect, The King’s School Grantham decide to participate in the Woodland Trust WW1 Commemorative Project.

The Cadets decided they wished to plant some trees to commemorate the Centenary of the start of the 1st world war. It was decided for the first part of our project to plant 4 Oak Trees in the village of East Keal near their War Memorial.

Op Reflect
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This was to be one tree for each year of the War, in order to commemorate all who fell in the Great War in East Keal. Our Contingent Commander Lt Col R M OGG carried out some research of the names of the fallen on the War Memorial and found there were 3 brothers who died in the war, Called Gibson, He then traced the Grandson of one of the Gibson brothers, a Councillor B Garlant, and invited Bob to attend the tree planting event.

On a beautiful Sunday morning, the Project began, cadets arrived in East Keal.

The cadets are pictured at the War Memorial with the 4 Oak Trees, the cadets being Cdt Sgt Major Cox, Cpl Marks, L/Cpl Smith E, L/Cpl Layhe, L/Cpl Kidd (RAF CCF Section) Cdts Mackin, Smith O, Swinbourne and Richards-Cole As some of the soldiers who fell, belonged to the Lincolnshire Regiment, it was felt we should invite Soldiers of the Regiment that now has incorporated the Lincolnshire Regiment into their Regiment.

Three soldiers attended to help mark the occasion, Capt Charlie Monk, Cpl Cusick and L/Cpl Hodge all of 2 Royal Anglian, We also had our own retired soldier present who was part of 2 Royal Anglian SSI Pulfrey who is now the School's Staff Sgt Instructor.

Op Reflect
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Before the trees were planted Cllr Garlant, showed the Death Plaque that was sent to his Grandmother following the death of his Grandfather. The cadets also then found his name on the War Memorial, this brought home to them the loss of all the soldiers in the first World War.

The trees were planted, and quietly all present, remembered the words: "At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them." A wreath was laid.

Issued on behalf of: The King's School,
Brook St,
NG31 6RP.

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Combined Cadet Force
Combined Cadet Force